Macro Photography: The Universe at Our Feet


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Imagine the mundane, everyday doldrums of life could be transformed in an otherworldly narrative. This is the world of macro photography, where the unseen universe at our feet becomes the fodder for creativity and beauty that we all ignore in our average day. Step into a world of photography that most artists consider magical. The closer you get to things, the more fascinating they become. Unimaginable details can be captured with the aid of special photography techniques and equipment, detailed at length within these pages.

Macro photographers play by a different rulebook. The challenges faced from the subject matter, the equipment and even the laws of physics make this an ambitious genre of photography. It can be abstract, it can tell stories, and it can spark your imagination.


This book aims to cover every challenge that a macro photographer might encounter, from beginner problems like focus and motion blur, to more complex issues with magnification and diffraction, lighting and composition, and so much more.

Book Specifications:

  • 9” x 9” Hardcover (the same physical dimensions as Don’s first book, Sky Crystals) 
  • 384 Pages, 100lb white gloss
  • Sheet-fed press
  • Printed in Canada
  • $75.00
  • Every copy of the book will be personally autographed

Author and “Mad Scientist” photographer Don Komarechka covers every area of macro photography, from simple beginnings and tips to help you get the most out of your first macro lens, all the way through a masterclass in the obscure. Topics include:

  • – Redefining the rules of composition
  • – Finding and exploring narratives we ignore
  • – The challenges of magnification
  • – Camera equipment choices and recommendations
  • – Inexpensive ways to get “closer”
  • – Controlling and sculpting light
  • – Overcoming shallow focus
  • – Using water droplets as lenses for enchanted refractions
  • – The art of photographic discovery: “what if?”
  • – Winter macro: snowflakes and freezing soap bubbles
  • – Ultraviolet fluorescence macro
  • – Stereoscopic 3D macro photography
  • – MANY more topics down the rabbit hole

Thank you to everyone who helped make this book a reality!