“The Snowflake” Artist’s Proof


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❄ Special Note About Artist Proof Prints Available Now:

These prints are special pre-press prints available for a limited time before the poster prints are readily available. They are created with the file that will be sent for the full press run, but at a higher resolution and using high quality photographic papers. Each print is made by the artist either on order, or during the proofing process. There may be small variations in these proofs due to the nature of their purpose – to prepare for a larger print run. Each proof print comes with a numbered certificate as well as the information sheet depicted below. These proof prints will are printed as they are ordered, and shipped immediately.


Over 2500 hours of work across 5 years has culminated in the creation of this print. Containing over 400 unique snowflakes, all in relative size to one another, “The Snowflake” represents new territory for the beauty of scientific photography. Produced as a 600dpi print by the artist with the best inkjet technology and high-quality archival paper.

❄ Hand Signed with Certificate

Each print is hand signed by the photographer and dated with the year of purchase in the lower center of the print. Each print is accompanied by a certificate that explains the process for photographing, editing, and measuring snowflakes, as well as some basic science for how snowflakes form.

❄ Exhaustive Work on Each Crystal

On average, 40 separate images are combined for each snowflake photograph. This is required to get the crystal in focus from tip to tip with a process called focus-stacking. Due to the nature of the subject and the hand-held approach to photographing each snowflake, 4-5 hours are spent on each image in post-processing. The individual snowflakes are then measured for inclusion in this piece of art.


❄ Measuring Snowflakes

Measuring snowflakes is a time-consuming task, and the right equipment is needed to get accurate results. Thankfully, a hidden piece of metadata recorded by the Canon MP-E 65mm F/2.8 1-5x Macro lens makes this possible: the magnification factor. Combined with the physical size of the sensor and the total number of pixels across the sensor, an algebraic equation allows us to calculate the number of pixels per millimeter and measure the crystals.

The largest snowflakes measure just over 11mm in diameter, and the smallest are 0.2mm across. Different storms create different kinds of crystals, some symmetrical but always unique. No two snowflakes falling from the sky will ever be identical. This poster shows the beauty in their variety.

"The Snowflake" Print

❄ Selecting the Best

Not all snowfalls produce beautiful crystals. In fact, there well-balanced and symmetrical crystals are a rarity. While this poster accurately shows the sizes of various snowflakes, it doesn’t depict the appropriate balance of “beautiful” snowflakes to “ugly” ones. If it did, you probably wouldn’t find it nearly as appealing!

❄ Find These Snowflakes!

Can you spot the snowflakes in this gallery inside the poster? Not all of them are easy to find!

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