Limited Editions

One-of-a-kind snowflake artwork!

Imagine extremely beautiful, high-resolution snowflake photographs with the original snowflake preserved in resin and placed in the frame with the print. The snowflake image will only ever be printed once, and with the highest quality framing and museum-quality glass, this artwork incredible to behold.

Winter Wonder (Framed)

The finished framed size is 29 1/3″ x 30″, and includes a hidden button on the bottom of the frame. When pressed, the preserved snowflake will light up like a jewel of winter. I have a hand in putting the frame and lighting together, and the print is personally produced and signed by me on the best metallic satin paper available.

Glowing Snowflake

The price for this piece is $4500.00+tax CAD. A maximum of one snowflake per year will receive this “Limited Edition” treatment, and a signed certificate accompanies the artwork.

If you’re looking for truly unique artwork, look no further.
E-mail me at don@komarechka.com if you’d like to purchase.